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Will and Jada Smith’s kids are so deep maan!

Will Smith’s kids are so deep maan! Social media (where I spend most of my life) has been keeping up with the Smiths despite them not having a reality show like their Kardashian friends and the reason for this is the parenting style of Will and Jada. Unlike most parents, they let their kids wear whatever they want and basically let them do whatever they want to do.

Just last week, Jaden was seen wearing a dress – he’s not a drag queen by the way. While people’s comments made for good laughs, I found THIS article while doing a search on them. Now I generally consider myself of above average intelligence, but Jaden had me scratching my head for dear life trying to figure out whether what he was saying in that interview was really making sense. Some gems:

“Every time I get on the mic, I’m just letting out my soul, and whatever is inside of me. It’s me, my subconscious, my unconscious, my super-conscious.”

“I get my heart broken like once a week, but you can break your own heart with the power of your mind, without even having another person, because we’re all trapped in our minds.”

Last week Willow released a single for her upcoming album entitled “Female Power”. In the song she sings about a relationship being out of her control and tells her suitor to “get dressed” – she just turned 14 years old. Listen to it below:

At 14 I was also quite reflective but these kids scare me. They are on a whole other level of deep. Could it be a result of their parents’ rumoured scientology fellowship or is the way that their raising their kids empowering them to become their own person and thus more responsible for their own intelligence?

While I do not believe in criticising their parenting style – to each their own – I do wonder whether this way of parenting is ideal. My other concern is that if the Smiths are doing it, it might soon become a trend. What guarantee do we have that our kids will turn out like Willow and Jaden?

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