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Throwback Thursday: Miriam Makeba

We’ve had Miriam Makeba on Throwback Thursday before, but I felt the need to put her on again as she would’ve celebrated her 81st birthday this week. Google made a doodle for Mama Africa on her birthday and I just think it is the most awesome way of paying tribute to the legend. She was the first South African to win the Grammy Award back in 1966 alongside renowned musician, Harry Belafonte for Best Folk Recording.

Check out her Google doodle (for some strange reason I enjoy saying this. It makes my tongue happy). I was quite surprised that she is the first South African to be honoured in this way seeing that the Americans have such adoration for Nelson Mandela. I hope they don’t wait till he is dead before they honour him in this way.


Still in Makeba news, actress Anika Noni Rose is rumoured to play the musical legend in a biopic on her life. Once again Americans will be playing South African roles. I hope she gets the accent right because as funny as she was in The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency, I cringed at her accent. I am tired of us not having enough money to tell our own stories. I cant wait for the day where we will have our own actors portraying our people in huge international productions.

This is a video of her singing Uqongqothwane, also known as The Click Song back in 1979 at Dutch TV Studios. Enjoy!


The Click Song

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