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The Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene Fired Up By Nando’s

I had the opportunity to attend the Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau Kenny Kunene and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maria McCloy’s team in collaboration with Flow PR did a great job organising the event. Media accreditation was fairly easy and the red carpet did not look like Beyers Naude on a rainy day. Great execution!

The night started with an opening set by comedian Deep Fried Man, who managed to get everyone warmed up before the Roastmaster, British comedian Jimmy Carr took to the stage. Jimmy’s opening remarks were jabs at our country that left many people cringing as they were all a reality. He did manage to get some people laughing and reminded everyone that this is not the place to feel offended.


The roast started right after this, and right from the beginning you could tell that everyone had their claws in for Khanyi and her million dollar ooh. The roast turned out to be more about her vagina than about Kenny. To paraphrase a few…

“Of course you are going to hear a lot about your vagina, Khanyi because nto only will everyone talk about it, but because it most probably also has an echo.” – Jimmy Carr

“Khanyi, I’m glad that you could join us, but if you are here, who is on Oxford Road tonight?” – PJ Powers

“I have to give it to your kuku, Khanyi. It is hot. It is on fire. Hence Mbau is short for mbawula.” – Somizi

“Your have fucked so many sugar daddies, I’m sure your pussy has Diabetes.” – Dineo Ranaka

“Khanyi I must admit, I do think you are talented, not only for the mere fact that you can suck a guy named Theunis’ dick with a straight face, but for the fact that you can suck it so hard that a Lamborghini can come out.” – John Vlismas

“Most people know Puff Daddy as a rapper, but to Khanyi that is an instruction to her sugar daddies to use their asthma pump. She does not want them to die before… they can pay her.” – John Vlismas

In the end Khanyi did get her revenge as she was the last Roastee to take the podium and of course she went in on the others (and they had to retract their claws and crawl back home with their tails between their legs) but it is more her delivery that was hilarious rather than the actual punchlines. She killed everyone when she said; “I would also be jealous of my pussy if I were all of you. It even managed to steal the show and all the shine from Kenny Kunene.”

After she did her set, I had to leave so I didn’t get the chance to hear the man himself take his turn at responding to all the roasting. Not to despair though, because the roast will premiere on Comedy Central (DStv Channel 122) across sub-Saharan Africa on Monday 28 April at 21:00 CAT. And on top of that DStv are opening the Roast to all their DStv Compact subscribers for the first time ever, meaning that it will air simultaneously on Compact, Premium and Extra.

Don’t miss it!

This is an article of mine which originally appeared on Just Curious.

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