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Somizi’s interview on 3 Talk with Noeleen was a huge disappointment – My thoughts on what could have worked instead…

Yesterday was Somizi day on television as he did a live interview with Noeleen on 3 Talk and soon after, Mzansi Magic had a rerun of his interview on TBose’s My Top 10: My Life in Music which was recorded a few years ago. My initial thoughts were “What is he promoting?” and “What is he addressing?” and for both questions the answer was nothing. I ruled it out as just another profile interview and hoped to learn something new about the divo, only to be disappointed.

A few months ago Bonang made headlines when footballer Itumeleng Khune allegedly assaulted her sexually and Somizi was there but only addressed the situation vaguely. In 2012 a deal he had to choreograph for D’Banj fell through the roof and even earlier down the timeline, he was implicated in a sexual assault case. He could also have discussed the cancellation of his reality show which was meant to be aired on VUZU. While these are all negative stories, they could have added much colour to a bland interview.

Another way which the interview could have been spun was to talk about Somizi’s thoughts on South Africa’s 20 years of freedom and what he learned about the struggle with his involvement in productions that were inspired by that time namely Sarafina and Gert Sibande: The Lion of the East.

One could also blame the 3 Talk producers for seemingly not doing research on fresh angles for the interview. Everything that was spoken about was common knowledge. Many of the great questions that Noeleen did manage to ask were not answered and Somizi chose to dance around them instead. A smart move from Somizi’s team would have been to use Noeleen’s 470 000 strong viewership to address the above mentioned headlines, teach us something about him that we did not already know and/or promote his current ventures.

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