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[PUBLISHED] The Cost of Forgiveness

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We’ve seen and heard many sad stories of how some of our favourite celebrities have fallen from grace. For the most part it is due to mismanagement of their careers and ignoring the fact that the general public genuinely does have a role to play in whether or not they succeed.

I was watching a clip from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday on YouTube where she spoke about what she calls “fallen celebrity syndrome” and it made me ponder a few things. What I’ve come to realise is that we become very emotionally involved when our favourite celebrities fall from grace. I would personally need rehabilitation if Bonang would do something that I strongly disapproved of.

What we tend to forget though is that these celebrities are merely human and that they are prone to making mistakes just like we do. Yes we expect better of them because they are in the public eye and they should know better, but does it really cost that much to forgive?

Cézanne Visser (affectionately known as Advocate Brabie) is one such person who fell from grace. I know you might be thinking, “Who?” You might not remember her because her case came out in 2010 and what a great year that was to catch on nonsense as the World Cup would overshadow it anyway. Though her claim to fame was as a contestant on Idols, Cézanne’s name waggled quite a number of tongues due to the court case which revealed that she and her then boyfriend Dirk Prinsloo molested children. When she was arrested, boyfriend skipped the country and she was sentenced to seven years in prison. Fast forward to 2013, Advocate Barbie is now a free woman though her release has not been welcomed by many.  (More:HERE)

Then of course who could forget Nonhle Thema’s dismal fall from grace a few years ago. I’m not even going to go into the story. You know it very well. Though she got stripped of her Dark and Lovely gig as well as other projects she was involved in, the “perfumista” has tried to pick up the pieces of what remains of her career by launching her perfume, range of hair weaves, Nando’s chicken adverts as well as a reality show that no one watches.

Despite efforts to revive their careers, many times these fallen celebrities will always be followed by their past. Kim Kardashian is one such celeb. Despite all the hard work that she has done over the years, to many she still remains the girl from the Ray J sex tape. One person who I suspect will always be followed by a dark cloud soon as his case is settled is Oscar Pistorious.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that for a nation that was built on forgiveness, we sure know how to harden our hearts towards these celebrities when they catch on k*k. What is the cost of forgiveness when you’ve made a mistake?

What are your thoughts on fallen celebrities? Which celebrity would you absolutely hate to see fall (not literally)?

Watch the Super Soul Sunday clip HERE

By Richmond Sajini


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