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PLAYLIST: Featuring Kyle Deutsch and Shekinah, Thiwe and Lira

South African musicians have really stepped their game up of late. I’m hearing so much good music from our artists and I am hearing a lot more local content on radio. We are headed in the right direction. Without further ado, here are the three songs currently dominating my playlist.

1. Kyle Deutsch and Shekhinah – Back to the Beach

These two Idols alums from Durban have come together to bring us a refreshing summer tune. Many of the people who I have heard talking about this song say they first thought it was an American song. I guess this refers to it being such a good song in terms of musicality and quality that it could easily compete with international music if it had the same budgets that American artists enjoy. Check out their cute music video below.

2. Thiwe – Iskhathi Sami

It has been a great year for our girl, Thiwe. She released her sophomore album entitled Soul Therapy on the back of her highly successful single, Sekwanele. She has now released Iskhathi Sami off the same album. This is a more Afro Soul song and testiments the versatility of the album. On Iskhathi Sami she sings about being disappointed by a lover who had promised to stay with her. I can SO relate. Check out the audio video below. I hope this one comes with a music video.

3. Lira – 10 Percent

Lira and Loyiso went on an exciting journey to Northern KZN with Mercedez Benz. Their job was to go into the wild terrain with the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé and find a song that Lira can remake in 48 hours. There’s a behind the scenes video of their #EveryTerrain journey HERE. See the full song below.

Which songs are currently dominating your playlist?

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Featured image poached from Kyle’s Facebook.

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