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Pearl Modiadie is the 7pm sweetheart

I fell in love with Pearl during her Sistahood days. I’d set my alarm to watch the show on Monday afternoons (I took naps after school), missing 3 Talk and I’d watch the repeat on Saturdays. In no time she worked herself into the production team and after a while she decided to end her tenure and move to SABC 1 for Zaziwa which is produced by ex Miss SA, Bokang Montjane. In no time, Pearl also worked her way into the Zaziwa production team.

According to this week’s TAMS ratings, Pearl owns the 7 pm timeslot. For, her 2 season old show is the most watched show for the timeslot at 3 763 000 viewers. The only other show in the timeslot that made it to the top 10 most viewed shows on its channel is The eTV news at 2 043 000 viewers. A whopping 1 720 000 difference.

SABC 3 is airing season 1 of Dream School South Africa which originally aired on MNet. With viewers clearly enchanted by Pearl and the brilliant production of Zaziwa, it will be interesting to note how Dream School SA will impact the numbers if at all.

Another shocking revelation from the TAMS ratings were how bad Top Billing is doing compared to other shows in the Magazine Show genre. For at 295 000 viewers it is at the bottom of the top 5 shows in the genre after The Real Goboza, The Link, Mooi Loop and Pasella, with The Real Goboza taking the lead at 3 272 000 viewers. I knew that the show and the channel are doing bad, but I had no idea that one of the channel’s flagship shows was doing that bad, especially considering that they have some of South Africa’s most seasoned presenters and producers.

As for Pearl, I am really excited about her career. I can attest to her MCing skills as she hosted the Just Curious party which I attended two years ago excellently. I also want to hear more of her on radio and see her continue to act as she has on Scandal.

Watch this TVSA video where she talks about joining Zaziwa amongst other things:

PS: Pearl has been nominated for ‘Best Hair Styled female celebrity’ at the 3rd annual Africa International Hair Extravaganza 2014. If you think she deserves the award, you can vote for her by going to

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