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[LONG OVERDUE POST] Diplomatic Fun Fair

Saturday, I went to the diplomatic fun fair which was held here in Pretoria, South Africa. The Department of International Relations in cooperation with Yfm, thought it would be great to host such an event, where the consulates of the different countries which have embassies here in SA, could showcase the history, art, music, food and literature that their countries have to offer.

My favourite exhibition was that of Egypt, Palestine and Tunisia. They really put effort into their exhibitions and had people explaining the different treasures in their exhibitions. I also loved the Zimbabwean exhibition.

Beautiful Egyptian ornaments.

Some statuettes of the Great Pyramids of Giza and beautifully decorated Egyptian purses and wallets

Queen Nefertiti

These were absolutely delicious. They are the Egyptian equivalent of “koeksisters”. Almost like a doughnut dipped in sweet syrup!

Palestinian crockery sold like hot cakes!

I really wanted to buy these scarves and a bag, but they would cost me an arm and a leg!

Bracelets and scarves from the Palestinian exhibition

Where there is free food, there is a Richmond ready to devour!

Little wooden statuettes. These are beautiful and made from good quality wood, which explains the high prices…

I saw this chest at the Tunisian exhibition. How gorgeous!

Art from the Indonesian exhibition (I think)

This is an elephant made from Coca Cola cans. How awesome. Pity it wasn’t part of the exhibition. I saw it on the floor.

These hand-woven baskets were at the Zimbabwean exhibition. It takes skill to make these! They also had beautiful crocodile skin handbags, but the ladies crowded the table so I couldn’t take pictures.

The Cuban exhibition was so full! I could not get in. They had loud Cuban music and of course, Cuban beer and cigars. See the empty beer boxes to the right.

Lastly, I loved these statues at the South African exhibition (patriotism). I managed to snatch this picture before the attendant told me not to take pictures. I give up on my fellow South Africans. Am I not allowed to enjoy the beauty of your crafts? Done with me.

All-in-all, it was a beautiful day. I enjoyed myself (always do when there is free food). I cannot wait for next year! Im on the look-out for more events to share with y’all. So definitely expect more of these kind of posts!

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Richmond Sajini is a musician and media entrepreneur in the public relations, television, radio and retail spaces in South Africa. He studied Public Relations and Communication at the University of Johannesburg and has worked on brands such as Coca Cola, Tsogo Sun, Heineken as well as the South African National Roads Agency. He has been told to shut up many times by people who don’t understand that he is in love with the sound of his own voice. For this reason he decided to start his own blog where he would share his thoughts and experiences without inhibition. Visit his blog, and follow him on Twitter @richmondsajini.


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