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A little ‘come to Jesus’ at Catz Pyjamas – Restaurant Review

Melville, Johannesburg

I bullied my friends Siya and Kaybee into a much needed come to Jesus (bonding session) and we decided to go to Catz Pyjamas in Melville. It was a Sunday so it was fairly chilled and not as busy as it gets on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Venue

The staircase you have to climb to get to the actual restaurant can be taxing if you are starving, but the view from above is well worth it. Though it was fairly empty, I appreciated the distance between the tables which made eavesdropping impossible – we did not want anyone hearing the things we were discussing. You know the kind of things that get spoken about at a bonding session. Our table was clean and modestly decorated.

Catz Pyjamas Melville

The Food

I ordered a Chicken Schnitzel and no starter or dessert (as usual) and had a cider and two cocktails. Though I did not appreciate having to wait so long for my food, it was delicious. The only restaurant we have where I am from makes Chicken Schnitzel as its staple so it was great to have one that tasted even better than the one I am used to. I loved the mushroom sauce even more. My bill came in at less than R150 and I got to tip the waiter. A real bargain!


It may not be gourmet dining, but I absolutely love Catz. So much that I even have a pet name for it. While they do not have a Maitre’D, I appreciate the fact that the waiters are always ready to approach you with a smile and assign you a table just as you enter. As a returning customer I would definitely recommend Catz Pyjamas – especially if like me, you are ballin’ on a budget.

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