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Jessie J thrills at the I Heart Joburg Music Festival

I was at the I Heart Joburg Music Festival this Saturday and was completely blown away by Jessie J. I had always known that she was a great performer because I watched her iTunes Festival concert from a few years ago, but not even that was enough preparation for the amazing set she put on. Check out this video of Jessie performing the title track from her upcoming album, Sweet Talker:

The other performers:

I really did not get how T-Pain made it to the list (I missed all the local acts), but the crowd had a good time dancing to some of his hits. B.o.B was great but there really isn’t much you can do when the crowd does not know your music. I for one, only knew Nothing On You which he did with Bruno Mars on a few years ago. He almost did a crowd-surf and even threw his hoodie and Timberlands to try and get the crowd going when he ran through Golden Circle to greet those at General Standing. I did not stay long enough to watch Fall Out Boy (I left after Jessie’s performance) but for someone who only listens to Coldplay in the rock bands genre, I was impressed by Panic! At the Disco. They managed to put on a performance that had me hooked even though I didn’t know their music.

Steyn Entertainment did a great job putting the concert together but I would have loved for security to be briefed on how to help people (especially the media) on how to get to their designated areas. I probably circled the area twice to get in. Media accreditation was also very far away from the actual media holding room.

Anyway, it was all worth it after Jessie’s performance. She was truly the star of the show.

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