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How much do celebrities make from sponsored tweets and brand mentions?

Money is a topic not often spoken about in the media industry. There are even clauses in contracts that prohibit people from revealing how much they get paid. It is no different when it comes to social media. Celebrities and twelebs will almost never reveal that they got paid (though we can clearly see a paid for tweet) and how much.

An excellent tool that I use called Webfluential gives estimates for how much you can earn from twitter by analysing your twitter handles. I entered some celebrity handles and found that Bonang has the potential to earn between US$3285 and US$4015, DJ Fresh has the potential to earn between US$2750 and US$3360 and Gareth Cliff has the potential to earn US$3025 and US$3700. I’m not sure what factors Webfluential considers, but these are estimates so the celebrities could be charging higher or lower.

Another reason why tweet costs are not revealed is because there isn’t always a set costing structure and rates vary from person to person. One particular celebrity that I know of charges 20c per tweet per follower. That means that if you want her to tweet something about your brand to her followers, you will pay her 20c for each follower for each tweet. That means 25 000 followers = R5000 per tweet.

This method does not always work for celebrities with a high follower count because it would not make sense for the brand to pay that much money for a single tweet. Take Bonang for example. Bonang has over 1 million followers meaning that a tweet from her is highly valuable. If she charged 20c a follower that would cost the brand a whopping amount of at least R200 000 per tweet. Thus, there are very few brands that can afford a tweet from Bonang.

Many argue that it is cheap considering that it would cost R27 per follower reached with Twitter’s sponsored advertising options. This is hard to justify to a brand so celebrities with high follower counts usually come up with a social media rate card. Again, these are also kept very hush but I remember seeing one alleged for Gareth Cliff HERE.

With the rate card, the celebrity comes up with their set amount which they charge the brand at either per tweet or number of tweets. For example, a celebrity could offer five tweets with the brand tagged at R30 000.

There is no scientific way to evaluate how much is appropriate to pay celebrities for tweeting your brand and there is also no scientific way of measuring the actual value of their tweets as you can never really be sure whether it reached the people that you intended for it to reach.

You can also join Webfluential and set up your own ratecard. They will match you with brands based on your interests and you can get paid for talking about them on social media. Click HERE to get started. You can thank me later. ;-)

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