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Have You Seen Nicole Richie’s Webseries?

Have you seen Nicole Richie’s web series? I’m a magazine hoarder and while going through my Grazia stash I came across one of Asanda Sizani’s columns where she talks about Nicole Richie’s web series Candidly Nicole and being a fan of Nicole’s, I just had to get into it.

She has definitely changed from who she was during those Simple Life days and thank God! On one of the episodes she goes to a doctor to get her tramp stamp removed, and despite not following through with the procedure you can’t help but see her sincerity and love the new her even more.

Nicole Richie

With each episode that she shows what is happening in her life, you realise that she actually does nothing. I wish she would get a TV show or something because there is more to her than just her pretty face. She has published two books, has a great sense of style (successful clothing and accessory lines) and to top it off she has a great personality.

This is not really a post about anything. I just wanted to say that I love the web series (I watched 10 episodes in one night. They are all about 5 minutes long.) and that you should watch it and if you are a TV exec, you should give her a show. Catch the first episode below and the rest HERE.

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