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[FAH-SHON] What are YOU doing?

Milisuthando Bongela is a fashion journalist and co-owner of MeMeMe, which is a fashion boutique with branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town. My favourite, out of the many hats she wears, is Blogger-nista! Her blog is called missmilliworld ( Milli blogs about fashion, music and art, amongst other things.




THE POINT: Last Night at 9pm, South Africans were glued to their TV screens for the first episode of CNN’s new series, called The Millenials. She was one of them! It’s almost like her own “Life in the fab lane” – minus the scripts and “acting”. A reality show with actual reality.


My first “encounter” with Milisuthando was last year on the 16th of June (Youth Day) when she was on 3Talk (South African talk show). Here was this girl from the Eastern Cape, with an absolute passion for fashion (have you ever?), doing what she loves, no apologies! What struck me was how much she actually loves her work and her go-getting spirit. I tweeted her that afternoon saying “When I grow up, I wanna be you!”


What I’m getting at here, is that we have many young people out there who are literally grabbing the bull by the horns. We have enough role-models to inspire us to achieve what we want to achieve. Now, more than ever, we are encouraged to dream and we are exposed to the needed resources to make our dreams a reality.


What I’ve learnt from Mili’s story is that if you really want something, you will work at getting it. Full stop!


If the world were your oyster, and who is to say it isn’t, what would you be doing?

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Richmond Sajini is a musician and media entrepreneur in the public relations, television, radio and retail spaces in South Africa. He studied Public Relations and Communication at the University of Johannesburg and has worked on brands such as Coca Cola, Tsogo Sun, Heineken as well as the South African National Roads Agency. He has been told to shut up many times by people who don’t understand that he is in love with the sound of his own voice. For this reason he decided to start his own blog where he would share his thoughts and experiences without inhibition. Visit his blog, and follow him on Twitter @richmondsajini.


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