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Ever wondered what a sex coach does? Jade Zwane tells us…

Sex is one of those controversial topics, like religion and politics, that could lead to very heated conversations and exchange. Talking about sex is also considered a taboo in our culture as Africans, but we’re slowly moving away from that as more and more people realise the importance of educating oneself about sex. I chat to Jade Zwane (@JadeZwane) who is a sex coach and one of the guest speakers at the much anticipated Just Curious Love Conference.

A brief bio…

She’s the story of a young South African that wrote the country’s first erotic novel, travelled over oceans to educate herself on the allures, benefits and health that sexual liberation brings to womanhood. She now passes on this knowledge on promoting safe, liberating and empowering sexual activity to deter the stigma and prejudice behind discussions pertaining to sexual activity and all that comes with it. –

1. Sex is a very controversial topic in South Africa and Africa as a whole. How did you decide to make a career out of it and how did your loved ones respond to the news?

I wrote an erotic novel dedicating it to the often dormant sexual being within women. I received many questions I wasn’t always able to answer. I felt there was more I could do than merely getting them excited from reading. So I took up a course on female orgasm and interned with Betty Dodson in New York.

2. What does a sex therapist do and how does a consultation work?

I’m a sex educator or coach. I help people have the sex they want to be having. I help women reach the sometimes illusive climax/orgasm, as well as restore a healthy sex life for victims of rape and abuse and those recently paralyzed, depending on the extent of spinal damage and other factors.

3. Take us through your catalogue of services.

I offer life coaching, women’s workshops which run over two days, private sessions for individuals and couples and I give talks on sex related topics including relationships.

4. You went to the States a while ago to learn about your field. How has the response been to your services here in South Africa and on average how many people make use of them?

I find that many people are hungry for knowledge. Its a small market with growing potential and I am excited to be a part of it.

5. You always talk about sexual liberation. What exactly does it mean and how does one achieve it?

Sexual liberation in my definition is knowing what gets you off, how to get it and the willingness and patience to educate your partner to reach that goal. How do you achieve it? You determine that you want it, and then that you are going to get it through education, not by hoping and praying that it magically happens.

6. What would you say are some of the biggest misconceptions with regards to sex?

That great sex just happens. It doesn’t. It requires work.

7. You are one of the speakers at the Just Curious Love Conference. What can the ladies who will be in attendance expect from your talk?

The truth. My truth about my desire to create lineage of liberated and sexually empowered women and how they can go about being a “turned on” woman.

8. What do you wish all women knew about sex?

That sex is fantastic. It should not be the side dish to the main course of life, but an enjoyable hobby! Sex should be enjoyed by everyone having it. Be fearless.

To get information on Jade’s upcoming events and her book, tentatively entitled aDICKted, visit her website Also check out her adventures on her blog

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