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DJ Zinhle Is On The Cover Of True Love!

DJ Zinhle is on the cover of the December issue of True Love Magazine and she looks gorgeous as usual.

Can I just say that this is one of the best issues of True Love I have read? It will take me the entire month to get through the magazine and that is what a monthly magazine should do. Sustain the reader untill the next issue. A job well done to Lerato Tshabalala who is at the helm of the editorial team.

Back to the topic. Zinhle is on the cover and the pictures inside the magazine are just as gorgeous as the cover.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from her sit-down with True Love!

On fame…

“I wish I could have the success minus the popularity.”

On how she became a full-time DJ…

“I sometimes had to take time off work when I had to play out of town. DJing was becoming more and more demanding, but the thought of letting go of a stable salary and doing it full-time scared me. In reality, I’d sometimes make more than what I was getting at SAB in just a weekend. I eventually took the leap of faith.”

On starting a family…

“I’m 80% work and 20% family.Getting this work-life balance thing right has been one of the biggest challenges of my career.”

On negativity…

“I quickly had to put my insecurities back where they’d been all along because I’ve learnt that when people are mean, it’s not about you but rather about their own insecurities that they can’t manage.”

I found this behind-the-scenes video on the True Love site.

Get your copy of this month’s True Love for R25,00. You’ll get a copy of their jewellery and luxury book of 2013, SHINE, absolutely free.

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