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Book Review: Oscar – An Accident Waiting to Happen

I managed to finish reading Patricia Taylor and Melinda Ferguson’s Oscar – An Accident Waiting To Happen during my unannounced hiatus and I must say, I was impressed. As I said HERE, I had my reservations at the launch even though it did not seem that the book was written with any malicious intent.

An Accident Waiting To Happen documents the lives of the Taylors since the introduction of Oscar Pistorius into their home as their daughter, Samantha’s boyfriend in hindsight. In the book, Patricia Taylor details the happenings and her thoughts at the time surrounding the relationship between the two and subsequently with the family.

In the first few chapters of the book Patricia talks about discovering the real Oscar and the various happenings in his life based on personal stories that he told her as well as based on what has been reported of the star over the years. While this part is a bit of a slow read, the pace picks up as she reveals more details about the obstacles that he and Samantha faced during the course of the relationship.


One of the reservations I had was that the book would be a subjective bashing of Oscar, but after reading it I felt that Patricia told the story the best way she could and that it all came from a place of sincere concern – it would be difficult not to care after the roller-coaster ride the 1 and a half years of the relationship has been for the entire family.

What I particularly liked was that at no point did Patricia try to talk on behalf of Oscar, instead she tried to empathise at certain points and put herself in his shoes to try and imagine what his headspace must have been like. I also liked that there are full transcripts of emails exchanged between them so we also get to see Oscar confirm many of the things that Patricia talks about in the book. At some stage I felt like I just wanted to give both Oscar and Samantha big hugs.

Oscar – An Accident Waiting To Happen retails at R200 at Exclusive Books and Amazon. I was kind enough to put the links to the actual books on. Just click.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who would like to see another perspective into the case.
Side note: I’ve heard people say that they would rather get the other Oscar book and I would recommend that too, but I believe that this book does not have the same objectives as the other one. While they are both inspired by the same events, this one is particularly about the Taylors and events during and before that relationship that could have been the cause of Oscar’s behaviour.

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