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Book Launch: Oscar – An Accident Waiting To Happen

Last week I attended the book launch of Melinda Ferguson’s Oscar: An Accident Waiting To Happen at the new (gorgeous) Exclusive Books at Rosebank Mall. I wish I had taken notes of some of my thoughts after the launch so that I would not give them to you prematurely, but I unfortunately could not.

The book tells of the time when Samantha Taylor was dating Oscar and is really a testimony of how she and her family saw signs of Oscar being emotionally unstable and how they pleaded with him to get psychological help. From the launch, you could tell that there was no malice intended in the publishing of the book. I did, however, have my reservations regarding the extent to which objectivity could have been maintained in the telling of the whole story but I have concluded that even if it is subjective, it is all from the Taylors’ perspective and they are absolutely entitled to their story. I believe that Oscar also has a story to tell and that he will make means to do so in the time that he spends in prison.

I am yet to start reading the book and will also be giving away a copy to one lucky reader. In order to be eligible, you have to be a subscriber of this blog via WordPress or email. I will give out further details when I post my review of the book once I have finished reading it.

eNCA’s Joanne Joseph interviewing Melinda and Patricia


Melinda was kind enough to autograph my copy


PS: Exclusive Books is having a pop-up sale at their new head office in Sandton where you can purchase books at R10 each. More info available HERE.

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