The winds of change are starting to blow

I am one of those people to whom some of the expectations of entrepreneurship does not always apply, but I regard myself one at all time by its truest definition, whether I am employed by someone else, running my own business or even doing both simultaneously. I always wonder why people would confine themselves with expectations when I hear someone say “I could never work for someone else” when in actual fact, even as an entrepreneur you are always working for someone else.

I formally registered my own company at the end of 2015 when I started getting some freelance work and felt the need to formalise my business and offering, which at the time was only public relations. I eventually grew and started adding content services, media buying and basically any skill that I picked up to the point where I could do it well enough to offer as a service to either individuals or businesses.

After a while I rejoined the “formal” workforce, but in an arrangement that was different to what “normal” employees are used to. This one, unlike my previous ones, would allow me the security of a job, but still have the time to dedicate to my business without much interference or opposition.

I don’t believe that I stopped being an entrepreneur. In fact, if we go by the definition of an entrepreneur which is someone who identifies a need and starts a business that services that need, then I would still be an entrepreneur even if I had shut the doors of my own company down completely to take up this new role.

I would still be a business, my skills would be my service and my employer would be the target market who had the need for my skills which I would be exchanging with them for money. I used the same logic in the running of my business. I am the entrepreneur that started the business, but I am also an employee using my skills towards the advancement and success of the business.

After two years, I can feel the winds of change starting to blow in my life again and I am reflecting on my professional journey thus far and the direction which I see it taking. I am confident in my skills and knowledge and have found that to move onto the next level, I need to be in an environment that does not stifle any of my professional or personal ambitions.

I cannot be confined to the expectations of what an entrepreneur is supposed to be nor the rules of how an employee is supposed to be. Whatever situation I find myself in, I need to be able to use my skills and knowledge to the best of my ability, in aid of my client – be that client an organisation that employs me or an individual who contracts me to do their PR.

Anthony Hamilton Is Coming to South Africa

Grammy Award winning, R&B; and soul royalty Anthony Hamilton will journey onto our soil on 24 August 2018 at the Sun Arena Time Square in Menyln, Tshwane. The music powerhouse is set to ignite the fire of classic and nostalgic music for an incredible all-star performance. Courtesy of Soulful Night, the singer, songwriter, multi-platinum selling hit record maker will be in South Africa as the business of keeping soulful music alive is ready to take off.

Soulful Night With Anthony Hamilton will come alive as sing along’s and two-steppin’ will be the order of the day as the legendary singer leads his supporters through song.

Hailed as the King Of Soul, his timeless voice has birthed hit songs including Best Of Me, Never Love Again, Pass Me Over, Her Heart, Pray For Me, I Cry, Comin’ From Where I’m From and Freedom just to mention a few, have echoed from across all the corners of the world proving that he has always been one with the music.

His electrifying and out of this world performances are just what the doctor ordered and which better place on earth to have the soul meet music than on African soil which is the heart beat of the world.

With the release of his latest single, What I’m Feeling featuring The HamilTones which earned him his 12thGrammy nomination in the Best Traditional R&B Performance category in 2017 returns with a bag full of tricks that will entice and feed the yearning of a strong connection of notes that only he has the keys to.

Co-owner of Soulful Night and event organizer, Mandisa Makalima said: “Anthony Hamilton sings love songs and since August is Women’s Month in South Africa he will be serenading our amazing women and reminding them that they are loved through love songs.Lately we have been experiencing a peak of women abuse and femicide by the ones we love and trust and; complete strangers. Soulful Night aims to celebrate women in Mzansi through songs and honour them, reminding them that they are loved and appreciated. In the same breath we are appealing and pleading to our men to go back to loving and appreciating women for they are the strongest beings that will ever walk the face of the earth. Soulful Night With Anthony Hamilton will be one for the books and I would like to thanks our supporters for their love and support thus far, let’s put on our dancing shoes for a night for the books.”

Tickets are live and available from Computicket, Shoprite and Checkers and range from:  R250, R350, R450, R650, R750, R950, R1050, VIP R1550 and VVIP R1850.

 Soulful Night With Anthony Hamilton

Date:   24 August 2018

Venue:            Sun Arena Time Square in Menlyn in Tshwane

Tickets: From R250 – R1850

You Have No Idea What Your Great Legacy Is Going To Be

Google’s Impact Challenge has me thinking about my legacy…

Every time someone who was considered an icon passes on I am left thinking about how they must have felt at the thought of their legacy and if there is an afterlife, whether they are happy with what they considered to be the work of their lives. I recently felt this with the passing of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

Last year I had the opportunity to work in the Eastern Cape and though I often go through life with cynicism, something in me changed. I was working on an awareness drive where we were sharing knowledge with communities affected by the construction of SANRAL’s N2 Wild Coast road project. Our goal was to educate them on how the construction would impact their local economies and essentially their lives.

We went to many communities in and around the towns of Port St Johns, Bizana, Lusikisiki, Flagstaff and Port Edward engaging with hundreds of people from various ages and walks of life. There is a difference between seeing numbers on a sheet indicating the estimated amount of people who will be affected by something and actually speaking to them. I remember leaving there thinking “this is probably what my great legacy is going to be.”

While on the way back to Joburg, I was listening to a podcast from Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations where she shared an anecdote where Maya Angelou told her “You have no idea what your great legacy is going to be. Your great legacy will be all the lives that you have touched during your time here on earth,” and that stuck with me.

When I read about Google’s Impact Challenge it took me back to that time. They are committing US$2 million to non-profit organisations in South Africa. A panel which consists of Huffington Post’s Ferial Haffajee, media mogul Basetsana Kumalo, humanitarian Yvonne Chaka Chaka and media personality Maps Maponyane amongst others, will judge the entries. They will decide the winners along with a public vote. The public vote provides a chance for the people to decide which organisation gets an extra portion of funding to help them impact their community. The winning non-profits will get cash as well as access to guidance, technical assistance and mentorship from Google, which they are free to take up should they so choose.

As I prepare for another round of roadshows in the Eastern Cape, I am reminded how much it helps to have a big brand that not only has the resources to make a difference, but that also regards it as their responsibility to do so and impact lives. I know for the project that I work on, it could not have been possible otherwise.

I can only imagine how much some of the amazing men and women who are doing work that often has intangible benefits could use the money from the Google Impact Challenge to make an even greater difference for the causes that they serve.

The Google Impact Challenge South Africa is officially open and will close on the 4th of July. The final awards ceremony will be held during the week of 26 November. So if you are or know of a non-profit that could use this great opportunity, applications are open for the next six months, and non-profits can apply online at


My Skincare Goals

I have been fortunate enough to have had good skin without any effort for most of my life. Even during puberty when many of my friends were battling with acne, I had the occasional pimple but that was it.

As I have gotten older I have learnt that shiny and pimple free does not actually equate to having healthy skin. My friend, Pabi always used to give me advise on how I can take better care of my skin, but I never really paid attention as I didn’t feel like I needed it.

Though my skin is still fairly clear, I find that there are some aspects of it that I am not completely satisfied with. So this year, I am making a few changes and reinforcing some of the good habits that I started cultivating last year.

Moisturise better

I always thought that I had oily skin when I was younger, but I’ve learnt that I actually have combination skin. Some parts of my face produce a lot of oil while some parts will have dry patches all at the same time. To work on this, I will be moisturising more diligently this year (when was this never an option?) and with the right moisturiser.

Hydrate more

I drink a substantial amount of water, but I don’t really monitor just how much I drink. My new journal/daily planner makes provision for me to record just how much water I am drinking. In addition, because my face gets water when I wash it, it only makes sense for me to also try being more diligent when it comes to that. I wash my face (guaranteed) once daily and twice when I am good. Ideally, I need to do it twice a day without negotiating with my laziness.

Have a facial every now and then

Considering how much I like things, it’s quite surprising that I have never had a facial. As in, one done by a beautician at a spa. I occasionally put on the Turmeric Brightening Mask from Corium which I then scrub off with the Citrus Exfoliating Scrub. So going forward, I want to go to a spa (even if it is once every six months) to get a professional facial. A friend recommended a QMS facial – I am yet to find out what it is and what it does.

Introduce a toner and a night cream

My nighttime skincare routine (that’s to say on those evenings where I actually do something) is no different to my morning skincare routine. It makes sense because I am lazy and skincare products can be quite costly, but common sense dictates that because these are different times of the day with different factors, the two should not be the same. The toner will also go a long way in removing the impurities of the day that could lead to clogging.

Take the rest of my body along

The above points all relate to the skin on my face, but the changes I am making need to include the rest of my body as well. In addition to what I already do (washing and moisturising) I will also be exfoliating a lot more. I also want to add an oil to my body lotion to further help lock in the moisture.

I have learnt that when introducing any kind of change, you have to be diligent for it to stick, but you also have to be flexible and open to changing what does not work. I am very hopeful!

How are you taking better care of your skin this year?

How I Became More Honest About My Finances

If you follow me on any social media platforms you will know that I am friends with the Financial Fitness Bunnie, Nicolette Mashile. People have made many assumptions about our friendship, but perhaps one of the surprising facts about our friendship is that I don’t always agree or follow all of the advice that she shares on her page – and that is actually something that she advocates, that we all find what works for us personally when it comes to our finances.

One of the first steps she always gives during her talks and on her page is that we need to be honest about our finances and I have found that this is probably the one step that most people ignore. People assume that there is only one truth about their finances and that truth is that they are broke, but (as she will tell you) that is lazy. I have found that being honest about my finances has helped me on my own personal financial journey and here is how I did it.

I monitored my spending without implementing any changes

It was necessary for me to find out what exactly I am spending my money on during the course of one month and see whether it was matching the budget that I had created for myself. How much am I spending on food and does it correspond to the amount that I had set in my budget?

I became more realistic with my financial goals

When setting our financial goals we often set very big goals against the most impossible parameters such as short timelines/deadlines or income that we are not certain about. I realised that if I struggle to set aside an additional R2000 per month, then I have no business going for an apartment that it R2000 more expensive than where I am currently living. I found that it is easier to stick to my financial goals this way and I don’t resent myself for having goals that are bigger than any financial commitment that I can make right now.

I stopped not holding myself to account to myself

I was talking to a friend about how helpful stokvels are when it comes to commitment. I find that I commit to them easily because I am accountable to other people rather than when I am saving on my own. It is so much easier to spend my money and tell myself that I will just put double into my savings the next month. I realised that I will not change my finances if I do not hold myself accountable to myself in the same way that I easily and diligently hold myself to account when other people are involved. It is MY money after all so I should be more accountable to myself for it.

I set a limit for my family

For us as black people, in most cases it is almost expected of you to pitch in when it comes to your family. I found that I can always run away from it and to be quite honest, I don’t want to. What has helped me is being honest about how far I can go in terms of helping. Towards the end of last year, we embarked on a project to renovate my grandmother’s house and having those boundaries for how much I am able to contribute saved me from starting the year off in financial ruin.

There are obviously many interventions we can take to make us more honest with our finances, these are just the few that have helped me.