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Apps To Keep You Safe!

It is summer time in South Africa (though it feels more like Spring) and that means holidays and holidays mean going to the beach!Ever so often though, things could get wrong and you might find yourself in the most unsafe of conditions or situations. Here are 3 great apps that could help keep you safe at the touch of a button.


SHOUT is a panic button with options such as ambulance, fire or police. It uses a GPS to find the hospital, police station on fire station nearest to you. It also features a mapping tool that alerts you when you’ve entered a crime hotspot and even rates the area on safety. Is is available at no cost for android, BlackBerry and iPhone in the respective application stores.

2. iFightBack

This app is available to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. iFightBack teaches you how to handle different scenarios. It also features a step-by-step self-defence instruction segment. Due to the graphic nature of the app, it has an age restriction of 17.

3. Bipper bSafe

This app alerts your selected contacts to instances when you find yourself in danger. Once activated, an SMS will be sent to all your selected contacts as well as a link to a map containing your GPS position. Once more, the app will also call your main guardian to alert them that you need help. Alerts are sent out three seconds after you trigger the SOS. Get it for free in the BlackBerry App World, on Android 2.0 and from Google Play.

Remember your safety is your first priority when going out. Dont take chances!

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Richmond Sajini is a musician and media entrepreneur in the public relations, television, radio and retail spaces in South Africa. He studied Public Relations and Communication at the University of Johannesburg and has worked on brands such as Coca Cola, Tsogo Sun, Heineken as well as the South African National Roads Agency. He has been told to shut up many times by people who don’t understand that he is in love with the sound of his own voice. For this reason he decided to start his own blog where he would share his thoughts and experiences without inhibition. Visit his blog, and follow him on Twitter @richmondsajini.


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