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Hi there! My name is Richmond Sajini and you have landed onto my blog. Thank you for that. 😊

I am a South African musician and public relations practitioner. I have worked on big brands such as Coca Cola’s Sprite as well as Tsogo Sun.

I released my first single Good Morning in May 2015 and followed it up with Bambezela in January 2016. They may not have been hits, but I was so glad to finally realise my lifelong dream and to just take the leap. You can listen to my music HERE.

When one of my friends was asked to describe me in one word she said that I am a connector. I later dug a little deeper to find out what she meant by that and as she explained, I am always ‘connecting’ people with people and people with things. I have often found that not a lot of people are receptive to my connecting them directly at times even though they find it useful in the long run. So I had to find a more subtle way to do it…

So I decided to start this blog where I share my experiences and ‘connect’ you to fashion, music, food and virtually anything lifestyle related which I find interesting. I hope that you will find something useful on this site and most importantly, I hope that my experiences reassure you that you are not alone.

Though people spend most of their time in my archives once they discover my blog for the first time, some of my most viewed posts include:

While my most favourite topic to write about is Bonang Matheba, some of my other favourite posts that I have written include:

Some of my blogging highlights include:

  • When Ladysmith Black Mambazo commented on this post that I wrote about them. I later went onto handle the PR for their 55th Anniversary show at The Lyric at Gold Reef City.
  • Bonang complimenting my blog

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