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5 Lessons from V Entertainment’s behind-the-scenes visit to The Front Row with Bonang Matheba

It is no secret by now that I am a huge supporter and fan of Bonang Matheba. Last week VUZU TV went behind-the-scenes of her new radio show The Front Row (brilliant name) which is on Metro FM on weekdays from 09:00 to 12:00. Here are some of the things that I learnt (some which I already knew) from the clip which you can watch below.

  • Keep knocking on the doors you want to get into – She auditioned for Live for 4 years, for YFM for 2 years, for Top Billing for 3 years and for Metro FM for 2 years. This is proof that you do not always get things because of your name, but by being persistent and going back to the drawing board to improve yourself each time you get a no.
  • Sometimes you give up at the point where you were just about to succeed – Her producer had been trying to get into Metro FM for 4 years and the year that he decided to give up was the year that they called him with the job offer.

Bonang Matheba

  • Once you know who you are talking to, you know how to talk to them – Both her transitions from Live to Top Billing and YFM to Metro FM presented the challenge of different target markets and she had to adapt her delivery for each transition to fit the particular audience of each show. Never be afraid to adapt.
  • Always have a plan B (pun intended) – Bonang says that if she didn’t get through to Metro FM she was going to try Motsweding FM as she is a Setswana speaker and she had been an entertainment correspondent for Motsweding FM for a year before.
  • Make more moves and less announcements – She only announced her radio show on Instagram on the morning of the first show which was 1 April 2014. Many were surprised when she returned the following morning as they had thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Bonang says that she now waits until things are official in order not to jinx it.

Just when I think it is impossible for me to love her more, she does something that takes my breath away. She also recently launched a Gumtree boutique from which the proceeds will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. After the negativity that has been surrounding her of late, this was a great reminder of why I love her so much. Watch the V Entertainment clip below:

V Entertainment goes behind the scenes of The Front Row on Metro FM with Bonang Matheba

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